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"Doing for the mind, what the body shouldn't."--NS
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"All Along The Watchtower"
[An Adult Novel]


Neale Sourna

These promotional free online romance stories novel excerpts are made available for private, noncommercial usage ONLY, and are not for any marketable distribution or reproduction use whatsoever, without the full legal permission of the below named copyright holder.

From Ancient Egypt's Pharoah's Great House to the Wide Grass Steppes of Central Asia to the Great Himalyas of Pakistan and Kashmir, an exiled half Egyptian Warrior General, Lured by a Paranormal, Erotic Romance, becomes Prince Consort to the Spiritual Leader of Dangerous Amazon Women, a Warrior Princess/Shamaness of a Persian-Scythians Amazon Tribes Horse People. There will be Love, Passion, and Betrayal.

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Watchtower, Book 1, Excerpt 1
A war camp, especially one with women and children, is a noisy place, yet an abrupt silence was falling in the direction of this part of his camp, and looking up he understood why. Princess Dara was riding in his general direction.... She undid the shoulder lacings of her loose, sideslit, leather dress, which fell and left her naked except for the riding leggings harnessed on her. The leg coverings also were loose, without a seat or crotch, strapped together around her hips so they would not fall. She....
[ -- doggy-style fucking, romantic sex]

Watchtower, Book 1, Excerpt 2
Eventually, slowly, he moved to her, unusually delayed by the hidden burden he had yet to unwrap and show her, as he took her in his arms. His mouth was warm and hungry for her; but, he pulled from her in short order, as if he were afraid his desire for her, as was usual between them would become enraged and overcome them both.... Its eyes were dark, coldly flashing, and ... reflective. The pain she had given him was not abating and felt as if it went to ... or perhaps came from his very soul. General Prince Tor had no protection from the full rage and power of his own wife....
[ -- first time assfucking and paranormal attack]

Watchtower, Book 2, Excerpt 1
anahk Tor The Destroyer, Murderer, Nation Killer ... The Betrayer of All Whom He Loves swallowed the bitter last of whatever he was drinking. The strong liquid was doing what he wished of it--making him forget; anesthetizing his hurt, raw mind; assuaging his aching, exhausted soul..... He shut his eyes tightly, hoping the semi-floating, nude phantom and His Brother's Voice from beyond the Veil of Death would leave him be or outright kill him, but not minisculely torture him anymore. 'Before I ... wronged you, I never truly believed there were ... events ... demons that follow us day and night, that torture those of us who ... do ... unjustified ... evil." He braved to look full into her unearthly, burnished mirror eyes. "I was wrong." He loved the feel of Her .... of It against him. "Tor? What do you believe me to be?"
[ -- phantom lovers and past evils]

Watchtower, Book 2, Excerpt 2
"You chose me over him, you chose death over life, wildness over domesticity. I have bedded you, widowed you, and I will sire on you .... in his name. All as you planned and greatly desired. The proof of your sincere grief and self-interest lies before you to hand to his aggrieved mother."
[ -- he masturbates her / finger-fucking, then doggy-style fucking a first-time, cocksucking princess before her husband, before murder, and sex with a phantom]

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"All Along the Watchtower: Submerged"

In ancient times, a legendary half Egyptian general's rage and jealousy may be his downfall, when he seeks to break a sacred alliance between his Amazon shaman / sorceress mate and her allies. [erotica novel excerpt, over 10,000 wds!] Only US$1.97! Ancient Warrior Romantic Erotica, Egyptians, Amazons, Shamanic Sorcery and True Magic, and Evil, Murderous Betrayals

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